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Christopher Academy is accepting applications for the 2018-2019 academic year.  Please call the school to schedule an interview and a tour of the classrooms.  


We have presently a few spaces for students 2 1/2 years old in our 2 Day or 4 Day Morning Stepping Stones class. Please call the Scotch Plains Campus for an interview and tour. 

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Please call the school office to schedule a prompt personal tour.  We encourage and invite all parents to visit either or both campuses.

October 24     

9:30 AM  Scotch Plains Campus


November 2  

6:30 PM   Westfield Campus


November 7  

6:30 PM   Scotch Plains Campus









We were very interested in Montessori after having read a couple of books on the approach which emphasizes respect for a child’s independence as well as the natural psychological, physical, and social development and the nurturing of a child's "love of learning". We were drawn to this model where students learn concepts from working with materials, rather than by direct instruction, allowing a child to really draw from that experience. In my education, the emphasis was on "skill and drill" and memorization. We wanted our son to really "experience" learning. 


So began our research on possible schools. We were drawn to the fact that Christopher Academy has been around for a long time and also provided the intimate environment of a "one classroom schoolhouse" for the 3-6 year old program. Our son has been attending since he was 2 years 3 months old, starting with Stepping Stones and finishing Kindergarten this year. 


During this time, we have seen him thrive in a nurturing environment, one in which he would rely on the guidance of his older peers to one that now enables him to be the "older friend" and impart his love of the materials to the younger friends in his classroom )now that he's one of the oldest). This peer support --supported by the amazing teachers--is great for learning as well as for developing leadership skills at an early age. 


We have seen him flourish from a non-talker when he started to a young child with a very impressive vocabulary. I have witnessed him doing math work that rivals what I would imagine many 1st and 2nd graders grapple with. He has enjoyed every teacher, the kind and helpful administrators of the school and of course, the special and amazing friends he has made. 


Christopher Academy is truly a place that captures the magic of childhood and couples it with a deep-rooted respect and love of learning. We have enjoyed immensely being part of this community and will truly miss it when our son graduates this year. As a testament to the positive experience our son has had, he said recently: "next year, if I have a day off from school (at my new school), I want to go back to Christopher Academy and help the teachers teach lesson and look after the younger kids."

Andreea Cimoca



  - Andreea Cimoca