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We are now accepting applications for the 2018-2019 academic year.  Please call the school to arrange an interview or tour.



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Upcoming Open Houses

Please call the school office to schedule a prompt personal tour.  We encourage and invite all parents to visit either or both campuses.


Open House Dates:

October 16  Westfield Campus           9:30 AM

October 25  Scotch Plains Campus    9:30 AM

November 1  Westfield Campus          6:30 PM

November 6  Scotch Plains Campus   6:30 PM

December 6  Westfield Campus           9:30 AM

December 11  Scotch Plains Campus  9:30 AM
















Is there anything better in life than knowing you've chosen the right early education pathway for your child? Nothing fills me with more heartfelt gratitude and comfort knowing my oldest daughter Morgan has simply thrived as a student at Christopher Academy for the past 3 years. The staff, curriculum, and community of CA has laid the fundamental groundwork for Morgan's lifelong pursuit of education, with the Montessori method imperative to her individual development. 


There is a true passion based in the Montessori tradition at CA, and that passion has a trickledown effect that permeates beyond the classroom. The kindness, joyfulness, and caring nature my daughter is exposed to while at school translates into our home life as well.  Simply put, we couldn't be happier with our family's experience at Christopher Academy and wish all children could experience this type of learning environment.

  - Sarah Markle