Parent Testimonials

Over the years we've had the pleasure of working with many amazing children and wonderful parents.  Below are a few testimonials from happy parents.

During my son's four years at the Christopher Academy, he has developed academically and socially not only as a result of the effort of his teachers but also from his classmates. The Montessori method employed in the classroom presented for my son, in an engaging way, an environment which encouraged him, on a daily basis, to explore, develop and improve skills in a wide range of activities from reading and math to geography, science and practical life skills, helping him to grow as a student and as a person. The warm and thoughtful community of parents, families, teachers and administrators comprising the Christopher Academy family has made the last four years a terrific experience not only for my son, but for my husband and I, as well.
  - Liz P.

Words cannot adequately describe the education my children have received at Christopher Academy.  I have watched my daughter evolve from an extremely shy preschooler into a self-assured, curious and disciplined 2nd grader, a patient listener who treats everyone with respect and kindness.  She has transitioned seamlessly and with confidence from the Cottage classroom into a new school, where she is thriving. My son is similarly blossoming in the Downstairs classroom.  Though much more extroverted than his sister, his teachers are keenly aware that he has his own individual needs and interests, and they are nurtured with compassion and kindness.  A preschooler, he is excited to enter the classroom each day, and I have the joy of watching him explode with pride and enthusiasm as he learns to read, write and work with numbers. There is no doubt in my mind that the Montessori curriculum, as delivered by the gifted and devoted teachers at Christopher Academy, has provided both of my children with a solid foundation for lifelong learning.  For this I am unspeakably and eternally grateful!
  - Hope Chernov

From our first tour of Christopher Academy, we recognized that there was something special about this school. Christopher Academy is a wonderful learning environment. The teachers are outstanding and there is a real sense of community here. Our child is being introduced to academic concepts that exceed our expectations as well as being taught valuable life skills such as independance and respect throught this program. We are very happy with our decision to enroll our child at Chrisrtopher Academy and highly recommend the school to other families.
  - Mr & Mrs Murphy.

  Our son has been at Christopher Academy since he was 2.5 years old.  It was a natural and perfect fit from the first time we visited the school.  We have watched him blossom over the years into a happy and confident first grader who absolutely loves to learn.  His reading, writing and math skills are far beyond our expectations and he constantly amazes us with what he is learning.  The teachers, staff and students at Christopher Academy truly foster the Montessori philosphy.  We firmly believe that his years spent there have built the most solid educational foundation possible.  And we know that he will continue to have a life long love of learning.   We can honestly say that we could not be happier to have our son at Christopher Academy and are looking to spending the next 4 years there with our daughter.  We are proud and honored to be a part of the Christopher Academy community.   
  - Sarah Outwater & Joe Fonseca

I have sent my 4-year old daughter to Christopher Academy at the Westfield campus.  For the two years we stayed at this fantastic school, my daughter developed not only academic excellence as she could do math and chapter books by the end of her kindergarten year, but also obtained friendships, discipline and confidence in the multi-age class setting. My daughter became more confident and happier than her otherwise timid and insecure temperament two years prior from when I began sending her to school.  I feel this school doesn't waste my daughter's time and our money at all  and it is so good that we decided to stay on for one more year for Grade 1 in spite of living with excellent Westfield public schools.  
  - Phoebe Xu

After doing my research for a school, I think I made the perfect choice for my son. I was looking for an extension of home and Christopher Academy is a second home to my child. The last 3 years at the school have been the best thing that happened to us. My son loves his school and enters the classroom each day with a smile and always says that school is fun! The classroom is very safe, secure, warm, friendly and conducive to early learning and the materials are stimulating . The teachers and faculty are amazing and caring and understand that each child is an individual with individualistic needs and capabilities. A lot of importance is given to grace and courtesy and good behavior with a very sound academic foundation. I have watched my son evolve into an independent , confident young man with great self-esteem and it is my utmost joy to watch his face and eyes light up with pride and excitement, whenever he accomplishes a task. As a parent you get many opportunities to get involved in the school's activities and work with your child in the classroom and I have personally enjoyed this. It has bonded me to the school. This year the school has introduced parent workshops and as a parent I think this is a great opportunity for parents to learn and understand the Montessori Education. Christopher Academy follows the true principles of the Montessori philosophy. This school has provided my child with a strong educational foundation and with the skills that he has acquired in math, language, reading, writing, arts and culture, he is ready and well prepared to take on grade 1. Each one of them at CA has contributed to my child's growth and development and I can't thank them enough. I am very proud to be a part of Christopher Academy!  
  - Anita Nair

We were very interested in Montessori after having read a couple of books on the approach which emphasizes respect for a child’s independence as well as the natural psychological, physical, and social development and the nurturing of a child's "love of learning". We were drawn to this model where students learn concepts from working with materials, rather than by direct instruction, allowing a child to really draw from that experience. In my education, the emphasis was on "skill and drill" and memorization. We wanted our son to really "experience" learning.    So began our research on possible schools. We were drawn to the fact that Christopher Academy has been around for a long time and also provided the intimate environment of a "one classroom schoolhouse" for the 3-6 year old program. Our son has been attending since he was 2 years 3 months old, starting with Stepping Stones and finishing Kindergarten this year.    During this time, we have seen him thrive in a nurturing environment, one in which he would rely on the guidance of his older peers to one that now enables him to be the "older friend" and impart his love of the materials to the younger friends in his classroom )now that he's one of the oldest). This peer support --supported by the amazing teachers--is great for learning as well as for developing leadership skills at an early age.    We have seen him flourish from a non-talker when he started to a young child with a very impressive vocabulary. I have witnessed him doing math work that rivals what I would imagine many 1st and 2nd graders grapple with. He has enjoyed every teacher, the kind and helpful administrators of the school and of course, the special and amazing friends he has made.    Christopher Academy is truly a place that captures the magic of childhood and couples it with a deep-rooted respect and love of learning. We have enjoyed immensely being part of this community and will truly miss it when our son graduates this year. As a testament to the positive experience our son has had, he said recently: "next year, if I have a day off from school (at my new school), I want to go back to Christopher Academy and help the teachers teach lesson and look after the younger kids." Andreea Cimoca    
  - Andreea Cimoca

When we moved to Westfield we had the not so easy task of picking a school for our two-year old and three-year old daughters.  We opted for Christopher Academy for our older daughter and another local pre-school for our younger as it accommodated her age group.  My husband and I based this decision on visiting a Christopher Academy Open House and immediately recognizing this school fit our three-year old to a tee.    Our first year experience with Christopher Academy was fantastic!  We watched our shy daughter blossom into a confident child that looked forward to each school day.  Our next move the following year was to continue enrolling our older daughter into CA and transfer our other daughter over.   Fast forward to today, we have spent the last four years as part of the Christopher Academy family.  My husband and I have watched our children grow and develop a love of learning.  At after school pick up time I marvel at how positively they talk about their day and I am continually awestruck at how they apply experiential learning to their surrounding environment.    Working as a clinical psychologist that specializes in children and developmental needs I was beyond impressed at how the teachers and staff meet each child at their individual level.  With all the parenting choices that my husband and I face, as well as the opportunity for self-doubt, Christopher Academy met and exceeded all the expectations I had for an early learning experience for my children.  I am forever grateful. Lynn Schiller
  - Lynn Schiller