About Us

Christopher Academy Identity Statement:

Christopher Academy is the oldest Montessori school in New Jersey serving the community and surrounding areas with a legacy spanning over 53 years and throughout generations.  As a Montessori school accredited with non-traditional Montessori age groupings we provide an authentic and individualized education for each child.  Our professionally-certified teachers create a peaceful and secure environment which cultivates in each child a lifelong love of learning and a sense of one's place in the world.  A child's natural instincts and the qualities and the skills needed to progress on to the elementary years and throughout life are developed through our multi-age classrooms and practices in grace and courtesy unique to the Montessori philosophy.

Christopher Academy offers an exceptional learning environment, tailored to the individual child for preschool children from ages 2-1/2 to Grade One, driven by the community. With homelike classrooms, the Montessori Method is filled with hands-on materials, each with a lesson to learn and a problem to solve. Our students enjoy a prepared environment designed to recognize and propel each child to learn, to grow, to achieve at the most appropriate pace to the best of his or her own ability.

A torch-bearer of excellence in Early Childhood and Montessori education, Christopher Academy helped to found the New Jersey Montessori Administrators' Council and established a high-quality Montessori teacher education program in the state.

Graduates of Christopher Academy are regularly welcomed into the finest private elementary schools in the area. Others transition to their neighborhood schools with equal success. Christopher Academy guides the child to build his or her own foundation by providing challenging academic materials within a comfortable, child-directed environment.

Christopher Academy ensures the quality of its program from classroom to classroom and campus to campus by supporting professional, career teachers. With the average faculty tenure approaching ten years, Christopher Academy provides a tradition and continuity of exceptional care. Each of our Lead Teachers is university educated, with many holding advanced degrees. Our Lead Teachers are all fully Montessori certified.  Our school's history includes professional teachers who have served children in our community for decades.


Christopher Academy serves children in part time, part day and full day programs. We also have an extended day program as well as a lunch bunch program for the part day children. All programs are staffed by Montessori certified teachers.



Christopher Academy Core Values

Having served our community since 1963, Christopher Academy has developed a system of core values that are anchored in the Montessori philosophy of education and the spirit of the best welfare for the child. 
 Christopher Academy is proud of its exceptional learning environment, carefully tailored to each individual child. Our students enjoy a prepared environment designed to recognize and propel each child to learn, to grow, to achieve at the most appropriate pace to the best of his or her own ability. 
Centered in the Montessori philosophy of peace and understanding of the child, our core values are: Respect, Care, Excellence, Individuality, and Responsibility. 
We respect the child and each member of our community as a gift to us. We have an understanding of the relationship of the child not only to us, but also to all others in his or her life and all of the other happenings in his or her life.  We respect parents’ concerns about their child and we provide an environment that follows our philosophy while understanding the concerns of parents for the child. 

Every person in our community will have special needs at different times. We respond with compassion and understanding to the needs of all in our community - the children, parents, and our co-workers.  Understanding a situation often requires care, but if action is needed, we provide that action.  

We strive to attain high standards of performance and proficiency in all our educational actions and classroom environments. Our classrooms are filled with the best materials available to ensure for the best development of every child. Our teachers will be constant learners of new techniques and understanding of scientific studies. 

We believe in an atmosphere of order and beauty, which allows each individual to strive to his or her fullest potential. No two children are alike, and we must nurture that individuality. We will never compare, but we must provide for the individual’s needs within our own abilities. 
We understand that we are responsible for our individual actions and how these actions affect others’ ability to act. We are especially responsible to ensure that all our core values are part of our everyday life. We do not watch our clock hours but rather the time needed to do every task well.